The Company

Trade Dory is a fast-growing company that integrates the diverse needs of manufacturers, industries, companies and municipalities worldwide with advanced technological solutions, potential partners and business opportunities.

As part of our international business network, we work with experts in the water, energy, agriculture, food innovation, environmental sustainability and Homeland Security fields, while also collaborating with many successful companies all over the world.

We provide quality service to our clients and strive to create long-term relationships built on confidence and trust.


Our Vision

Our vision is to promote innovation and create business opportunities for worldwide companies within diverse international markets, while generating true added value via sustainable projects.


The Founder

Dotan Gilad is an Israeli – Brazilian citizen who grew up in Israel and in Rio de Janeiro. Dotan is familiar with Latin-American culture and professional practices. Dotan’s expertise includes:

  • International business development consultation for firms & industries.
  • Headquarters Organizational Development (OD) – optimizing strategic and operational management in times of growth and change, as well as new tasks and coordination between different departments.
  • Project & Logistics Management – including integration between private companies (local and foreign) and government organizations in order to achieve mutual goals and objectives.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Management – extensive experience in the aviation industry including professional knowledge pertaining to jet engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, aerodynamics, steering systems, helicopters and unmanned vehicles.